Pistol shooting defender You are the last soldier that remained to defend this army base and you should protect all the equipment before the terrorist will take over it. In this game you will be able to co [...]
Paper Space ship flying Do you like spaceships ? It looks like in our game a little papermade spaceship needs your help because it has ran into an asteroid field and you have to use your flying skills to [...]
Star rush battleship shooting game Can you be our saviour? The best pilot in the galaxy that can destroy all the aliens and achieve an highscore in this cool shoot`em up game? You can move your ship preventing the e [...]
Rocket boots runner game Use your super rockets boots to run from your enemies. Jump over the lasers and collect the coins. Have fun in this cool running game and jump to freedom! Click or press space to f [...]
Madpet sky hopper Crazy adventures of Madpet animals are back! MadRabbit has to get as high as possible and luckily for him there is a platform of carrots and bombs that can help him get to the sky [...]
Knight magic fight game Are you read to defend your homeworld and take back your princess captures by the hideous boar man? You will have to fight them off and use your sword with magic spells to destroy [...]
Repo thugs game The repo guys are here and they want to recover their money with any means necessary and you have to help them. In every job you will have a certain amount of money which you have [...]
The two robots adventure This little robots wanted an adventure but it looks like their energy is about to run out so they need to travel this levels in order to collect all the batteries they can find and [...]
Tank destruction operation game Play this tank destruction game and prepare yourself to destroy some tanks in order to save your country. Try not to get hit by the projectiles fired from turrets and other tanks w [...]
Dino super run The end is coming and you need to find a safe place as fast as possible, so start running from all this disasters that are coming your way, jump over rocks, grab eggs and small din [...]
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