Ninja punching game Are you ready to test your reflexes in this cool new online games with ninjas and samurais? Well, first, you will have to pick your warrior than we will head over to our dojo and s [...]
Tank warfare game Can you survive this tank battles where only the best survive? Drive your tank shoot the enemies and try to dodge their bullets while you advance further up the corridor and don [...]
Knight magic fight game Are you read to defend your homeworld and take back your princess captures by the hideous boar man? You will have to fight them off and use your sword with magic spells to destroy [...]
Repo thugs game The repo guys are here and they want to recover their money with any means necessary and you have to help them. In every job you will have a certain amount of money which you have [...]
Dark knight fighting game One of the most evil man in the kingdom has stolen all the treasures and now he will use all his might and armies in order protect it, but you have to destroy this armies, to cut a [...]
Sniper shooting game Your targets are hiding in different city locations and you have to snipe them before escaping or worse, before they start shooting people. Use your sniper rifle and target the ter [...]
Shoot the zombie or die game You are trapped in a narrow corridor with zombies coming both ways to get you, use your guns or machete to kill them before they can get you, jump over the zombies to avoid them bu [...]
Space defenders shooting game Are you ready to become a true fighter in space and destroy the space invaders? Well, then, lets rock this game by shooting the enemy spaceships and not letting them pass your defe [...]
Ninja defense game A poor ninja warrior has to fight the underworld lord in order to get his girl back, and he has to do it with ninja hidden in towers because the demons the Lord sends are very stro [...]
Spartans fight the zombie game In this game Leonidas needs to defend Sparta from the invasion of the immortals. Leonidas is your here and you can control him in order to defend against the immortals, he has a lo [...]
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