2048 Multiplayer game Are you ready to become the coolest and smartest kids around? In this game you can demonstrate your speed at math and puzzles. You will have to play this cool game of adding number [...]
Star popping game Do you like candy crush games or game where you have to shoot bubbles? In this game you can use your skill to destroy stars, but it;s not that easy because in order to destroy such [...]
Paper chains monster destroyer Are you ready for a monster destroying session? We have all we need, the pieces to destroy them are hang on paper chains and you have to manipulate them in order to crash the monst [...]
Pencil defender game The enemies are after you and all you have is a magic pencil that can draw and make shapes appear out of thin air, but you opponents have a cannon that can fire projectiles at you. [...]
Gears and chains puzzle game Can you make all the wheels to spin, can you connect the gears to repair the machine before the time runs out? Well, lets try and solve this puzzle together and cash in all those p [...]
Throw coconuts at the totem The totems are sleeping and the Gods can’t hear the prayers of this mans, because of this they have to use coconuts to awaken them as fast as possible and by using as few coc [...]
Fantasy puzzle game Are you ready to construct this interesting fantasy puzzle and complet them in the shortest time possible? You will be able to strengthen your memory and problem solving skills whi [...]
Play formula 1 puzzle game Do you have the skills to resolve this cool formula 1 puzzles before the time runs out? Press the shuffle button then remake the whole image by fitting the pieces together but watc [...]
3D cube falling game Are you ready for this cool little game? You have to maneuver your cube into the holes in the platform and drop down to an other one, as the levels progress you will have to collec [...]
Golden Zeros Golden Zeros is a Math-skills and strategy based High Score game where you require making a chain of numbered balls to get a sum of zero. Click on a numbered ball to get it in the [...]
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